The Fehl Lab is passionate about developing chemical tools to unravel the complex mechanisms cells use to regulate their gene expression. We apply these tools to the diseased metabolic aspects of cancer, diabetes, and neurodegeneration, in particular by manipulating how cells use sugar levels as key signaling regulators.

Our key techniques include organic synthesis, biocatalysis, cell culture, proteomics, and bioinformatics to identify signaling pathways to reprogram pathological epigenetic pathways in disease.


March 16, 2019 Neinas Academy joins the Fehl group for fun with science. Well-handled by the group…though Jessica looks concerned about proper technique!

Linz-Dan2.JPG  Fehl-lab-Dan.JPG

January 21, 2019 Dr. Jaggaiah Naidu joins us as a postdoctoral scholar specializing in carbohydrate synthetic chemical biology. Welcome!

December 6, 2018 We officially welcome our first group of graduate students: Jessica Groenevelt, Dan Corey, Zack Nelson, and Saheed Ayodeji…let’s do great science!

Oct 13, 2018 Charlie is selected to give the keynote lecture at the ACS Detroit Chapter “Chemistry in the Motor City” Symposium. Great talks from UT, OSU, Umich, and WSU!


Sept 15th, 2018 Minor equipment failure (the light switches) gives a cool photo op:          –> Doug and Ali getting our E. coli strains up and running


September, 2018 The lab begins! We welcome Ali, Doug, and Anthony–Undergrad Research Assistants–and Yimin, lab manager, to drive our tissue culture, molecular biology, and bioinformatics!

August 15, 2018 Goodbye old equipment – more space for rotavaps!


August 8, 2018 The Fehl Lab officially opens! I look forward to meeting the new class of WSU Chemists!

June 29, 2018 The hiring freeze is over! We are looking for enthusiastic researchers at the B.S., M.S., and Doctoral level. Please see our postings and Contact us if interested: Post-doctoral Fellow and Research Assistant      

April 7, 2018 Charlie is honored to join Wayne State Chemistry to study the epigenetic signaling pathways of sugar-protein conjugates. The lab-building begins…