Group photo 2019

Fehl_Group_Picture_Photo_May_2019 copy

Back: Zack, The Thinker

Middle: Jessica, Courtney, Yimin

Front: Charlie, Dan, Saheed, Jaggaiah, Doug, Ali


Graduate Research Assistants

1st year PhD students: Aminat Alowonle

2nd year PhD students: Saheed Ayodeji,  Jessica Groenevelt, Dan Corey, and Zack Nelson

3rd year PhD students: Courtney Kondor


Undergraduate Research Assistants

Mareim Abdullah, Logan Nguyen, Vince Pallo, Charlie Trice, and Kevin Wu


Postdoctoral Scholar

Jaggaiah Naidu, PhD


Lab Manager

Yimin Liu, M.S.


Lab Alumni:

Anthony Cicalo (now at Nostrum Pharmaceuticals)

Doug Haslitt (pre-med track)

Ali Reda (pre-dental track)